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A Unique Blend of Comedy & Magic to Take Your Summer Entertainment to the NEXT LEVEL!!


How Do We Make Our Summer Memorable?

Finding family friendly activities for your campground or marina is no easy task. You want something FUN that parents, grandparents & kids can all enjoy together. That’s where I can help you.

As a professional magician for the last 20 years, I’m in the business of creating great memories for families, and I know that’s a big part of your business, too. Providing hassle-free, professional, fun entertainment, suitable for all ages is a great way to create great memories for your guests – all while staying within a budget.

Sound impossible? Well, it’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE when you bring my The Michael Mage Experience to your location this summer!

The Unique Solution That You Need!

Michael Mage is a professional magician who specializes in family entertainment. You want to make sure your families feel welcome and for everyone to be engaged and entertainedThe Michael Mage Experience does just that! Along with the high energy music, laughter, and magic, the show will have parents and kids interacting as a whole. Everyone will play a part in making the magic happen and the show a success. No one is embarrassed and you’ll get all the credit for providing a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

See What Others Are Saying About The Magic!


Unbelievable Magic

Even after you see this you won’t believe it. You will be left scratching your head and wondering if magic actually exists… and so will everyone else! Who doesn’t like making the IMPOSSIBLE happen?


Funny Comedy

You’ll be thrilled as you hear your venue filled with laughter and to see all the smiles on the kids and adults faces is priceless. This is clean family entertainment that is perfect for all ages.

Audience Participation

More Audience Participation Than You Can Shake A Stick At. Everything I do involves the audience. You know how people are. They don’t just want to sit and watch, they want to experience it for themselves and they certainly will!

“Michael was professional, helpful, and communicated in a timely manner.

The show was exceptional! Michael is fun, engaging, and great at what he does! The show was appropriate for all ages and we plan to book him again in the future.”

Jess Rist

“Michael mage was AWESOME. Besides performing great magic, he also was an incredible performer who was comedic, engaging, and very entertaining. The whole thing was so impressive, and really fun!

He was so professional, in the scheduling, communications, and execution. So appreciated!”

Allison Goodman

“I have had the pleasure of seeing his show now twice! And let me tell you not only is he entertaining, charismatic and fun…he’s also a true magician! We are right there in the front row and I am focused on trying to figure out the trick and yet again I am amazed every time and left with even more question!”

Anthony Hunter

“Michael’s show was absolutely magical! He is fun, engaging, and fantastically humorous!
The kids and adults were engaged from start to finish! Do not blink – you might miss something!”

Thank you, Michael

Patricia Mcginty

5 Ways Michael Can Help You Deliver Exceptional Entertainment to Your Guests!

1) Mind blowing magic with over 20 years of professional experience

2) Audience interaction and engagement throughout the show

3) Versatility to adapt to indoor and outdoor venues

4) Family friendly entertainment that appeals to all ages

5) Proven success at venues like yours across the country

What Really Happens in The Michael Mage Experience?

Imagine as the families arrive, they are greeted by Michael as he welcomes them and builds the excitment for the show. They grab some snacks and take a seat anticipating what is about to happen.

Michael will have the audience cheering and laughing from the minute he takes the stage. The kids and adults will be on the edge of their seats as they help make some of the magic happen throughout the show. Your guests are the real stars of the show! This makes your event much more fun for everyone! They will be saying “I wish I could have been on stage”, instead of “thank goodness that wasn’t me on stage”. 

There will be guaranteed laughter, excitement, and we promise you will say “What just happened?”. The Michael Mage Experience is a family friendly show that audiences of all ages will enjoy.

*The full runtime of the show is approximately 50 minutes. Michael provides everyting from the sound system and microphone to the self contained show.

So How Much Will This Cost?


Due to my nationwide traveling and customized show experiences,  Please contact me for pricing. It will vary based on location. 


[email protected]

My Hand On Heart Promise

I am so confident that I can make your event unforgettable and fun that if you are not completely satisfied with the entertainment I will tear the check up right in front of you so you pay nothing!

In the over 20 years of performing, I’ve never once been asked for a refund. In fact, 99% of my clients enthusiastically refer me to their friends and associates!

Okay, Michael, Everything Sounds Great…Now What?

Simply pick up the phone and call us to request your date. We can discuss your event in detail. You can ask ANY questions you have. In fact, I’d really appreciate you calling and letting me know what you think of the information I’ve shared with you. We’re not going to try to “sell” you, so you can relax – no pressure. We’re here to answer your questions and help you make your event the best ever.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you: (440) 227-6236

Thanks ,

P.S. What other people say about me is much more important than what I have to say. Make sure to check out the reviews from my past clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

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